Enjoy Healthy, Delicious, and Nutrient Dense meals in Less Time.

In today’s busy, often over-scheduled world, dinner choices tend to create a nutrition vs convenience delima. If you want a healthy, home-cooked meal (that the entire family will eat), then running everyone to after school activities, having meetings that run late, or homework can force those meals to the weekend or the once in a blue moon rotation. Convenience meals, drive thru, and otherwise not-so-healthy choices become our go-to.

At Optimal Nutrition, we aim to change the way you look at dinner. By preparing meals in an efficient manner, you can throw together an entire meal from frozen to table in as little as 20 minutes. And it won’t taste like it was nuked in the microwave, or be full of processed chemicals that are packed into pre-packaged meals in the freezer section. Sign up for one of our cooking demonstrations to learn more!

  • Save Time.
  • Save Money.
  • Increase the Nutrition in your meals.
We show people how to cook faster & healthier using the most up to date methods of healthy food preparation.

Meet the Fowlers

Peggy and Charles became residents of Northwest Arkansas in 1990, where they raised their children and have been loving life together for over 30 years in marriage. Charles played baseball for 25 years in the NWA Men’s recreational league before hanging up his cleats. After a long, fulfilling career in photojournalism and photography, health concerns brought Charles to Optimal Nutrition. Once he learned how to eat clean, and added some exercise to his routine, he now feels 20 years younger.

Peggy had a long, successful career in Fortune 500 companies before taking the entrepreneurial path with her husband, as they took ownership of Optimal Nutrition in 2016. Witnessing the impact healthy, clean eating had on Charles, she now focuses on culinary health and wellness solutions for Arkansas. She now mentors many and enjoys working with the community and organizations on living well.

Optimal Nutrition has changed their lives, both personally with Charles’ health, as well as in their careers – as they have become business owners.

Meet Our Cooking Coaches

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